DOORWAYS Liner Notes:

When I was little I used to play with Barbies, toys, dolls, the equaliser of my mum’s giant Technics stereo and, to her dismay, her cd collection (I used to put the CD’s in the wrong cases when I was finished. Sorry, mum). I used to read the liner notes and try to imagine the artist writing them (probably sitting at their kitchen table in their pyjamas). They all thanked their family and friends, a few thanked God, and some would acknowledge people with inside-joke nicknames. Now I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, in my pyjamas (actually), writing my own liner notes. Now I get to thank the people that I got to work with and made funny nicknames for (hey ‘Stara’!). Being a solo artist means that there is a lot going on behind me that doesn’t often catch the light. Without the following people I wouldn’t have been able to sit here in my pyjamas and write my own liner notes for my first EP. So here goes!

Mum – I could write a library of words about how incredible you are. But now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think there actually are any words to describe that. You have put all of yourself into making my life as special as it is. I hope I can do the same. You’re my partner. I love you.

Baba – There are no two souls on this earth more connected than us, baba. Thank you for teaching me the words to “You Are My Sunshine”. Thank you for constantly making sure i’m not hungry and thank you for always telling me to “pjevaj dobro”. I love you more.

Alan – your dedication, persistence, patience and passion are qualities that define you. Thank you for turning your life into an Abbey Stone themed circus. I think you and I are the freak show. I look forward to hearing you say “hang on” for many more years! Thanks for everything Al, really.

Keka, Teca and Eva – Thanks for always believing in me and taking me seriously. Thanks for never saying I should consider a more stable career choice, thanks for always understanding my ideas and supporting them. I love you so much. Michelle & Bec – Thank you for coming to every one of my shows and supporting me the way you have. I could never thank you enough. I love you both! Annie, Zarli, Olga, Andrew, Rosey, Elena – Thanks for letting me play you my songs first and always giving me your honest opinion. Thanks for coming to my shows, buying my music and posting my my links! But mostly, thank you for making sure I always stay the girl who just wants to quote “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” all the time. Love you losers.

Special Thanks: Mark Moffatt for turning my little heartbreak songs into my very own sass anthems and introducing me to the real Nashville. Can’t wait to work with you again Mark!. All at The Wick, Dan Corless, Glenn Scott, Marcus Hansen) – I recorded demos for every one of the songs on this record at the Wick. Thank you for providing a haven of creativity for artists like and unlike myself. Thank you for letting me dress you guys up as hipsters that one time. And also, Chuck Norris said to tell you that he died! But he’s fine now… Irwin Thomas for showing me how to be a local in New York and giving me some of the best advice I’ve ever received. You are seriously one of the coolest people I have ever met. Charlie and Henri Musselwhite for welcoming me so warmly. It’s nothing but an honour to have you on my track Charlie. We’ll go snorkelling again Henri and it will be better next time haha. To everyone at Rusty Shed – Alan Satalich, Nicole Satalich, Logan Davies, Lliam Hewitt, Jack Forbes; a special thanks to you all for not thinking I was a flight risk when I said “I want the video to look like a mix between Skins and Miley Cyrus’ new video.” I can’t wait to continue working with you guys! To my girl Mashara Wachjudy for photographing the artwork for this record. “A romancer of art, be it blunt, coarse or fine, she is one who finds beauty in more than the lines”. Remember?

A very special thanks to: Fender, (Aust): Margaret, David & Graeme, Wick Rehearsals, WebGate – John Miller, Sebastian Chase and the Groovemerchants, William Satalich, Virgin Australia, Gavin Wood, Nui Te Koha, Christie Eliezer, Geoff Howard, Stevan Amey & Lynne Randell.

Thanks to YOU for buying this EP – seriously, you probably work really hard and you spent your hard earned cash on my stories. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And lastly (I’ve always wanted to do this), thank you to those who inspired these songs. You’ve heard them now…and I’m still here. Abbey.