Abbey Stone: Melbourne Guitar Show

Abbey Stone: Melbourne Guitar Show, Abbey will Play & Demo Equipment & Stage Gear for Link Audio, Fender Australia, Positive Grid Amp’s & Effects. These Bands have been long time supporters of Abbey both on the Road & in the Studio. Dan Corless, Abbey’s FOH will be there to talk about how he uses Positive Grid Effects Live with Abbey.

Abbey Stone, Complete EP Launch

Three years after releasing and touring with her debut EP ‘Doorways’, Abbey Stone is back with her sophomore release ‘Complete’. Reflecting upon the themes of ‘Complete’, Stone says that this record is “less about someone else, and mostly about me. Coming off the back of ‘Doorways’, I wanted to write a body of work that reflected my personal and musical growth since I released that EP.” Working out of a small home studio in Point Cook, which was set up for the sole purpose of creating this EP (later named ‘Still Here Studio’s, an homage to her debut), Stone spent hours writing, producing and eventually engineering what would later become ‘Complete’. “I have worked in studios before but never this hands on. I wanted to learn about the trivial things that go into creating a record that you might not necessarily even think about as a listener.” ‘Complete’ focuses on the ideals of self-love, confidence and closure; something that Stone describes as “the perfect follow up to ‘Doorways, because in that EP, I was writing about my longing for someone else, and now I am saying “well, it wasn’t meant to be and I am so much better for it.” ‘Complete’ out July 1st.

Abbey Stone New YouTube Videos

Welcome to my new series of original music – #TUNESDAY!
Every second Tuesday at 7pm (AUS time) I will release a Live & Raw acoustic version of an original song of mine on my YOUTUBE channel
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